Melbourne Taxi:

0404 990 115 - Standard Service

Completely yellow in colour and comprising of Falcon, Holden, and Toyota Prius models-Melbourne Cabs offers you the most convenient as well as reliable taxi services throughout Melbourne. Whether you are travelling during the day or at night, hailing from the street or booking on your phone, these yellow soldiers will come to your rescue and deliver you safely and reliably.

Silver Service:

0404 990 115 - Silver Service

Silver Service is aimed towards the corporate sector to meet the demand for a more "personalised" service. Our Silver Service cars are available on demand and you may also make an advance booking on 0404 990 115

Maxi Taxi:

0404 990 115 - Maxi Taxi

A big holiday normally means a big load of suitcases, and often it's too much for a standard cab to carry. That's when there's no substitute for a station wagon. For a maxi taxi hire to Melbourne airport or any other destination, call 0404 990 115

Chauffeur Car:

0404 990 115 - Chauffeur Car

Prestige Service, Luxury Vehicles, at your service! You can book a luxury car for going to the airport or to any other destination. We assist you in a fixed price.