Maxi taxi Melbourne airport

Enjoy comfortable tours In Melbourne with our 11 Seater Maxi Taxi & 12 Seater Maxi Taxi Bus

11 Seater Maxi Taxi

Do you want to watch Football in Melbourne? Do you want to go for an office tour in Melbourne with your corporate clients? Do you want to attend your best friend’s wedding with your squad of college friends? For all occasions you need a big transport; in fact, a little bigger than your usual car. Well, Maxi Cab Melbourne is ready to offer you the amazing service of 11 seater maxi taxi Our 11 seater maxi taxi is specially designed for small groups of 11 people when they are going to attend events like corporate tours, sports events, wedding, social functions, etc. Our 11 Seater maxi Taxi is operated to make your group (up to 11 People) ride at the same time. Call us now to book 11 seater maxi taxi.

12 Seater Bus Services

Sometimes, we need a break from daily work and focus on another point of view. If you need a chauffeur, a guide to brief you and a car to accommodate your entire group on a tour, We have a 12 seater bus services available to take you around yarra valley tour. You can use Our 12 seater bus to book for the full day or in an hourly rate. Apart from Tour, our 12 seater bus services can also be booked for corporate tours, wedding and other needs. Our 12 seater bus is comfortable and well equipped for long Journeys. On your special request, we can equip our 12 seater Bus services with a wheelchair.

Why This Service

After spending years in this taxi business, Maxi Cab Melbourne understands that different people come with different requirements when they opt for taxi services in big cities like Melbourne. Some clients come for small cars, ideal for individual travelers or small families, and some people look for the bigger ones while looking at the maxi taxi in Melbourne industry. They come in groups and need something for the same. They want us to provide them with vehicles that are suitable for more than 10 people.

Hence, Maxi Cab Melbourne comes with 11seatermaxi taxi and 12seater bus services. These are perfect for groups that are looking for maxi taxi at Melbourne airport while going to enjoy some events, meetings or parties. Besides, they can hire that same vehicle while coming back to the airport from those events and meetings to leave the city.

We specialise in Yarra valley wine tour. Near Yarra valley we can provide service dedicated to you on hourly rate Please call Us 0404990115 for quote

Why Choose Us

  • Our 11seater maxi taxi and 12 seater maxi taxis are Toyota models which is a renowned company in the automobile industry for making strong, durable, comfortable, safe and stylish vehicles.
  • Our Vehicles have enough space for a group of people. 11 to 12 people in each group can travel together.
  • The seats are designed to sit comfortable with long journeys for several others.
  • Our drivers are trained and licensed for driving such big vehicles while taking the clients from one place to the other. Moreover, they can wait outside the venue until the end of the event and take you back to your returning destination.
  • You can hire our 11seater maxi taxi and 12-seater bus service for various occasions including sports events, wedding, corporate meetings, vacations and others.
  • If you have someone sick or unable to walk in your group, we can provide you with a wheelchair taxi in Melbourne as well.

Therefore, you do not need to get worried when you need a bigger vehicle than the usual taxi hire service in Melbourne. Book the 11seater maxi taxi and 12seater bus services and enjoy your ride.

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